Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have time and am feeling random!

Even as we speak, or I type and you skim/read, this is what my boys are doing:

Wonder what could possibly have my two very active mini-men in a complete coma-like trance? Two words baby - Star Wars!! Since the Daddy will be working so much I promised the boys that we would rent all the Star Wars dvd's in order. They love it!!! LOVE IT!

So, when I feel like I am turning into a 'momster', I get a much needed reprieve from the brother drama by sticking in the dvd. Two downsides: 1. They want me to watch them too. (which isn't so much a downside because they don't care what I do, as long as I stay in the room with them - I think they get a little scared.) 2. After the movie we have to play Star Wars until it's time for them to go to bed. (I'm usually, uh-hmm, Yoda, Caleb is Ani and Luke loves -and I mean LOVES- to be Darth Vadar. This is bad because -as with most boy games- it ends with someone getting hurt.)

In case you were curious my friends, that is what the Mad House is looking like this fine Saturday.


Yesterday was Joseph's first day in the most dreaded rotation of the year. And, completely unsurprisingly, it was as long and painful as he thought it would be. The good news is that it reaffirmed his decision to be an ER doc and made him so thankful that he got into the program.

I did not find it that bad at all. And I even added to our chaos here by letting the boys each have a friend over most of the day. The boys that came over are 3 and 6 (and brothers!) so that was especially fun for the boys.

After their mom came to get them, I loaded up the kids and took the to the gym. We have been members of 3 different gyms since we got here and the one that we are currently members of is my favorite by far. It is a brand new YMCA that has a climbing wall for the kids, a very cool tree house, a place for kids 3-6 and a special place for kids 2 and under. For kids 7-12 is this whole other room that is super cool. The child care workers are always doing fun projects with the kids and reading to them or playing with them. It's really amazing! And the best part is that the kids love it! They beg to go and are sad when it's time to leave. All this and it is less than 5 minutes from my house!

And this my friends is thrilling for me! The hours from 4-6pm are the hardest for me when Joseph works long hours or is on call. Yesterday it worked perfectly to head out to the gym after the girls afternoon nap and by the time we got home it was time to eat dinner and then get the girls ready for bed. My hardest time of the day was a breeze thanks to the gym. And I got a great, long workout in! This is a very good thing my friends. Very good indeed!

At the Y, they are also putting in a spash park for kids and building a new pool. It will be done the first of August and that will also give us some place to go and something to do while Joseph is working his long hours.

Love the Y!!


Another thing that has been keeping us busy is SeaWorld. We have a membership there and live fairly close, so that has been something fun to do this summer. We go a lot and you would think that I would know every nook and cranny there, but last week our friends introduced us to this perfect spot in the water park for kids my kiddo's ages. It was perfect for those times that I take the all the kids to the waterpark by myself.

Here are some cute pictures from a couple of weeks ago when we went as a family:

I love this picture of Luke all my himself in the sandbox at SeaWorld. This child could play by himself for hours. He is so different from his brother.

The brothers.


Jessi said...

One of my son's favorite "attractions" at Sea World was the dolphin pool....and we would have let him run around the kidz city if it hadn't been so darn hot...looked like a lot of fun with the sand and water.

Hope you're surviving okay with the Dr. Mad's long hours...the afternoon right before dinner is also the hardest time for me.

Michele said...

Eli likes to be Darth Vader as well. Surprised?

I'm praying for you today.