Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When I blogged yesterday, I was so traumatized by my visit that I forgot to tell you all the exciting news that came out at our Doctor's visit.

(Drum roll please) The Twinkies are on the growth chart!! Whooo-hoo!! For their weight, they have moved up from completely off the chart to the 10-20%! Not exactly breaking any records, but definitely getting bigger! And for height they are in the 15-20%!

Luke is in the 30th% in weight and they are both in the 50% for everything else. I was very surprised that my Caleb was in the 50th for weight because he is so skinny. My doctor just said that most kids are fat these days. She makes me laugh.

I really love the pediatrician that we have. When the girls were small and not on the charts, there are other doctors that would have freaked out and wanted to do all sorts of silly tests on them. That has been our past experience, since both our boys did the same thing. Our current pediatrician, on the other hand, took into account that my boys did this same thing and that they were following their own curve. They are like their mama and have no desire to follow the crowd!

It's okay to be small. I don't personally know this, but the rest of my family does. Being skinny is in my kids genes. After all, look at their dad... and mom (evil cackle)!

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