Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lovey and I went on a date last night! We go out on dates quite a bit, probably more than any couple I know, and since my sister is in town and we have free babysitting we have to take advantage of that!

Oh, did I mention that for the next 3 weeks, my 3 younger sisters will be taking turns coming to help me?!? How sweet is that?! Heaven knows I could use all the help I could get around here!

Back to my date... We went to my favorite Mexican food restaurant and then to Malibu Grand Prix where Joseph soundly kicked my butt around the race track. As did a couple of eleven year olds and a man riding with his son in a double car! It was sad. In my pathetic defense, I had a very slow car. Very slow. I had the pedal to the metal so hard that my knee was hurting afterwards, but that didn't seem to make a difference. And then to add to my already injured pride, The Love slowed down to hang out with me only to speed up and laughingly pass me by. Chivalry is dead friends. D-E-A-D.

After we were done at Malibu Grand Prix, Lovey asked me what I wanted to do next. It was around 8pm and a gorgous night, nice and breezy for South Texas. It would have been a nice evening to take a walk outside in one of the many fabulous outside walking places around here, but I alas did not want to do that. All I wanted to do was come home and watch Lost with my man.

We are pathetic! Every night we grab one of my favorite ice cream dessert, a cup of coffee (Joseph makes THE best coffee...if this whole doctor thing doesn't work out, the man could become a baristo - is it barista for a man or baristo?), cuddle up together on the couch and watch Lost. We look forward to it all day and get so excited once the kids are in bed and we can get our date night started. We are in the middle of season 2 and addicted.

So of course that, to me, would be the perfect ending to our lovely evening. Are we boring or what?!

What do you guys do on dates?!


Anonymous said...

We only watch one show and it is LOST. Never thought I'd succumb to a TV series. Anyway, the best method is the one you have b/c I can't stand the commercials and waiting from week to week. Even worse, waiting once the season is over for months. Yep, keep the method you have and never catch up. Then, no waiting! Course, we often watch online with only 30 second commercial breaks, but then you still have to wait until the next week!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, WEndy

Davies Family said...

Glad you've joined us on the Lost bandwagon. :) Brett and I started the dvds when Sid was a newborn, so we only had two seasons to catch up on. Watching week by week is painful,but DVR allows you to fly thru the commercials. :)

If you haven't already, you should jump on the 24 train when you're finished with's great too. :)