Thursday, July 17, 2008

The sista's photo shoot!

The girlies wore a dress that their Great-grandma Carol hand made for them, so I had to get a picture or 2, or 3, or...50!

I am so thrilled sorry that you are stuck seeing all these pictures of my very cute twinkies!

Ella was giving Lily Kate a sisterly hug!
"Oh, Mommy, you are so funny!"
"You just sit there and smile at mommy while I take this bow right out of your hair and giggle when mommy gets after you for not having your hair bow!!"
"Who do you think you are?!"
Have I mentioned that I am so in love with these little girls?!?!?!? Look at these sisters...can't you just imagine them growing up and being best friends?
That is until Lily Kate takes away the pencil that Ella was playing with. I love how Ella is pouting! I didn't get the picture of Lily pouting after I took the pencil away from her!!
Check Miss Ella Grace standing on her own!!
Ella lookin' delicious!
And sweet Silly Lily Kate!
This isn't the greatest picture, but I had to take it fast! Ella would stand up on her own, but never take any steps...until today!!! She took 5 steps on her own!
The new big deal for the girl's is that they are allowed in the boys playroom. Until recently they have only been allowed in the living room because the boys playroom has so many hazards for the little beauties. We moved the Lego's and other small things to the boys room (off limits to the girls) so now in the afternoon after their nap and snack, they get to play in the playroom. And they love it!! Today I also put on Baby Einstein for them. It was awesome, they did the same thing that my boys did when the video would first begin and the opening music started. They dropped what they were playing with and came crawling as fast as they could to see that the music was all about. This was the first time that I put something on for them! We won't be making a habit of that around here!


boys4us said...

The dresses are so adorable and the girls are absoutely beautiful!
It is easy to see why you are so in love with them!

Sincerely Anna said...

Yes, they are simply delicious. Your captions are hilarious, too. I love how Ella (Lily Kate? oh, I can't figure it out!) is taking her sister's bow and her pinky is up! So girlie!

How did you survive an entire year without putting a video on for them? I've already given in (once or twice, ahem)

boys4us said...

I am not quite feeling like myself today and I thought that seeing your adorable little twinkies in their cute little dresses might help...I was right...they made me smile right away! Thanks! :0)

Real-life Family said...

Oh, how very cute. Pictures like those make me long for a little girl! We see a lot more of the stuff of your previous post around my house, which is cute in a memorable sort of way, but doesn't have quite the same adorable flair. How precious your little beauties are! (By the way, you asked how I found you...I keep in touch with Dorla, and she directed me here!)

Sab Mad said...

D - that is so sweet! I wish y'all could see them in person, they are so much fun!!!