Monday, July 21, 2008


I have about 1 bazillion things to be doing right now, but instead am completely stumped and need YOUR help.

I desperately want to have our family picture taken and have a great photographer lined up. She is totally into my kind of portraits...real life pictures taken in our everyday surroundings. She comes to our house (or park or whatever location we choose) and takes pictures of the kids playing and interacting.

And then there will be one of all of us together, but my expectations for that are low. Very low. We are talking - I will be happy if we are all facing the same general direction. Actually, who cares if we are all facing the same direction as long as I look good. We'll just scratch that right off or you will know how vain I really am!

Doesn't that sound perfect?

So here is my problem... What should we wear?

Do I go with the same 'ole, same 'ole that everyone does - khaki/white or denim/white? I really don't like following the crowd, but I can't think of anything better.

Please, pretty please, help me. Does anyone have any ideas of some coordinating colors that we could use for our family pictures? I want them to be done this summer while we all have some color to our skin. Afterall, being tan does make me look thinner. Vanity. I have been procrastinating long enough!! Please help!


boys4us said...

I think you guys would look great in just about anything. You all have such great skin tone! Last time we used white/blue jeans but in the past we have used combinations of shades of blue or red/white/blue. I have wanted to use a cream/khaki/brown combination too. Often I like to put the littlest one (two for you) in an adorable print and then have everyone else wear solid colors that are in the print. I don't think it's a big deal to use something that's been done a lot if it looks great on you. I'm sure you will probably get lots of great ideas...have fun!

boys4us said...

I forgot to mention how funny you are...thanks for making me laugh!

TYLERS said...

I always think it looks really sharp to wear black shirts and all you guys have such great skin that the dark shirts will bring it out!

Sincerely Anna said...

LOL! I think it's funny that you want a pic in the summer while you all have color - have you seen the beautiful skin tone of your family in your Christmas shots? I'm quite jealous. I'm the color of school paste.
Check out for ideas on outfits - she posts family portraits on her blog and you can get an idea of which colors look good together in a pic.
Personally, I love black tops and jeans for outdoor pics. There's something about the contrast with the lush green grass.

Elizabeth said...

I say don't go all matchy-matchy. Wear outfits that coordinate, but that aren't exactly the same. The family pictures we've had made were in the fall, so we all wore jeans/khakis and light sweaters in warm colors. I love them. Good idea to do it while you're tan. We're having some made in October. I'm not tan this summer anyways.

Miriam said...

Okay - understanding the fact that you want to look good - and realizing that children look good in just about any color and typically the husband doesn't care what color he wears as long as you're happy - here's my suggestion.

Pick your shirt first - wear whatever solid color shirt in your closest is the best color on you - most flattering fit, etc. Then put the kids in multi-colored (stripes, pattern, whatever) that coordinate with your shirt. Put hubby also in a coordinating solid color. Oh, and wear jeans on bottom for the adults, possibly the boys too.

That's my suggestion! : )

The 4 Rohrers said...

I am so glad that someone else has this same problem. I have had Keegan's photo taken all of two times because I cannot manage to think up outfits. It's too much for me! I have recently been planning a family photo also and I have decided to plan it all based on my house's color scheme. I say choose colors to wear based on how well they will coordinate with the room you plan to hang them in!

Lorinda Symens said...

OMG the preverbial dilema.. it's summer, stick with bare feet, jeans and white shirts of boys in one variety and girls cutesy other style... and than have a darker background so you don't blend in.. white will really show off your tan! and than post whatever you do it in for the rest of us to see..