Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caleb's birthday party

I decided to finally put some pictures up from Caleb's birthday!

Each year we do a couple of things for birthdays...I write a letter, Joseph and I decorate the birthday child's room in the middle of the night and we have a birthday party. When Caleb was a baby we used to have huge parties, but as he is getting older he is becoming a person that only has a couple good friends and only wanted to invite them. Oh, and this is cute...he also invited Luke's best buddy so that, "Luke would have a friend to play with." So thoughtful!

Caleb's decorated room! The boys love this little tradition!!

Chuck and Caleb. Caleb really wanted to have a home party (how weird is that?!) but I just couldn't get it together for him this year. Next year I am really going to try to give him a home party - and then he probably won't want one!

Daddy and his beauties! Those little girl's love pizza!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

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Davies Family said...

Love your tradition of decorating their room! How on earth do you pull that off without waking them? What fun parents you are!